How to Close Outlook 2013 to the System Tray


In standard form, Outlook behaves classically, where the close button (X at the top right) actually closes the program.


This is ok, but many programs use that button to make the app close to the system tray. Therefore, it became a habit of mine to press that button instead of the minimize button. So, I found myself accidentally closing outlook completely, which causes me to loose incoming email notifications among other things.

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Launching Hulu Plus metro app from XBMC or the command line.

Ok, well this is just a quick post since Hulu plus is one of the metro apps that cant be launched from the method I posted about here. So, I made a simple autohotkey script to take care of it.

For those who know how to compile your own script or don’t trust me:
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
Send, {LWin}
Sleep, 200
Send, Hulu plus
Send, {enter}

If you prefer, get the precompiled version here:
Hulu plus launcher v1.0 (1174)


I’d recommend you get the newest version MetroLauncher2 that would be more reliable under more conditions and also works with ANY metro app.

Getting Intel WiDi to work in Windows 8 with PTV3000

Just because I ‘m a bit of a geek, I’ve been wanting to try out Intel’s wireless display option on my Lenovo x230t laptop. I ended up buying a Netgear PTV3000 which is supposed to support WiDi version 3 with lower latency, HDCP, 1080p, and etc. It is also supposed to support the new Miracast standard which will probably be implemented on all kinds of devices in the near future.


However! I Soon found out that WiDi doesn’t play nicely with Windows 8 at the moment. First, the drivers Intel had available at release would not work with Windows 8, so I waited patiently. When they finally released “proper” drivers, I soon found out that they still didn’t work! After fooling around with different versions and configurations, I found the following sequence of steps to work for me.  You can check my x230t review for specs on the laptop,

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XBMC Windows 8 Metro App Launcher

I just wrote a small autohotkey script to automate the launching of windows 8’s new metro apps from within XBMC Media Center. You should be able to launch them relatively easily based on the information in my previous article Launch Windows 8 Metro Apps from a desktop shortcut or Command Line.  However, there is no easy way that I know of to go back to XBMC when you are done with the app.  My script will launch the app, then bring focus back to XBMC when the escape key (or remote equivalent) is pressed. If XBMC is not found it will attempt to restart it.
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Launch Windows 8 Metro Apps From a Desktop Shortcut or Command Line


Microsoft didn’t make it easy to do anything with the metro style interface that comes with the new Windows 8 OS. That includes seemingly simple things like launching one of the Metro style apps from the desktop or another program. I wanted this functionality, and came up with nothing other than programming in visual studio, which I am incapable
of.  Well, after digging around in the registry, I came up with a solution.
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Why you want Dual Channel Memory for your HD4000 integrated graphics.

As a minor follow up to my previous review of Lenovo’s x230t tablet PC, I’ll be discussing the effects of using a dual channel memory configuration with integrated graphics. While the benefits should be apparent to some degree for all integrated GPU’s, this article will focus specifically on Intel’s newest Ivy Bridge graphics unit called the HD4000.

Here’s a video detailing showing the improvements detailed below.

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Lenovo X230T Tablet PC Review with Windows 8 RP

IMG_5168 (1024x683)The ThinkPad branding is one that has a strong reputation with respect to reliability and durability. The Lenovo x230t comes from this family in a convertible form factor. This is nothing new as convertible tablet PC’s have been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, they haven’t gained much sales traction outside of niche markets like certain small medical, business and education  fields or self-proclaimed geeks, like me!

The reputation for reliability and form factor are two of the many reasons I chose to purchase this laptop as my last two laptops failed prematurely with little use. Since I’m also headed back to college, I thought it might be nice to use the tablet functionality for taking notes in MS OneNote. And lets not forget, the final version of Windows 8 will be released this October, so having a touchscreen to use with the metro interface is also a nice bonus.

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Create an Awesome “My Games” plugin for Media Center!

I’ve long been a proponent of the home theater PC. Unfortunately, while they are much more capable than any stand alone device you might be inclined to connect to your TV, there are still many areas that are lacking. In this case I’m talking about gaming. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a game launcher using Media Browser that is seamlessly integrated into Windows Media Center (WMC) and fully controllable with your remote or game controller.

UPDATE: 7/13/12

Well, apparently The gamebrowser plugin is not supported with the newest version of Mediabrowser. It appears the author is working on a new and improved version which should be available soon. Until then an older version of mediabrowser would have to be used. If I have time I’ll modify this post to include instructions on how to do that.

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Steam game loader to use with your front end.



I’ve been using both GameEx and GameBrowser front ends (FE) on my HTPC for a while now. However, one of the problems I’ve had in the past was getting my steam games to load and unload properly. GameEx does have some workarounds built in which is more than I can say for GameBrowser. But, this is not about which is the better front end because I like them both for different reasons. What this is about, is Universal Game Loader (UGL), the small game loader I created specifically For this problem. It supports the loading of just about any pc game, steam or not. It also has built in scripting functions to automatically bypass and launchers that may be associated with your games.

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